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Calves in Nature

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”


Stand for Strays feeding drive covers around 300+ animals on the streets of Indore, which majorly comprises of dogs (as there are no other animals on the streets of our city, especially in the areas we cover). Feeding as we all know is the best and easiest way to help anyone, be it a human or an animal, no one likes to sleep on an empty stomach and we understand that completely. Hence, when we started back in 2012 we started with basics and that was feeding. We’ve been feeding street animals for as long as can remember but feeding them with a purpose, regularly and most importantly the vast number of animals we feed, it all began in 2012.

We started with feeding a few starving dogs we found on our way to work everyday and with passing time our rounds got bigger and our passion & drive got stronger, so here we are today at a point where our vehicles are loaded with dog food at all times of the day and our eyes searching for any and all animals in need.

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