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Four Cats on the Sidewalk

"We don't have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans, we have one heart or we don't have any."


TNR: Trap Neuter Return

This is the phrase used for the sterilisations of the animals on the streets. But the last part is the hardest for us…we get so attached with everyone we meet and take care of that it is heart-wrenching to leave them back on the cruel lonely streets, but with millions of animals on the streets it is humanly impossible to take care of them all or take them all in.

So, we do the most we can to limit their suffering, to provide them a better life and one of the most important and effective way to do that is by getting them sterilised. Limit the number of animals to save their future generations from starving and dying on the streets. 

A female dog on the streets delivers a litter of 6-8 puppies twice every year, out of which hardly any get adopted into good homes and maximum die a painful death, be it accidental, due to diseases, starvation but whatever it is it is truly painful. Hence, our sterilisation program.

We try and get as many dogs sterilised as possible, we get both males and females operated but as we always have limited funding we majorly focus on the females.

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