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Black Dog

"If you take in a starving dog and make sure it thrives, it will not bite you. This is the fundamental difference between dogs and humans."

resident program

All our rescued and adopted dogs whom we keep with us at our private residence, we like to call them “THE SFS RESIDENTS”. 

We currently shelter around 20-25 adopted dogs, some of them we found struggling on the streets, some abandoned pets and some came to us through different sources but now that they are here living with us they have a place to call HOME. With us, all of these animals have a family and when we say family we mean a FOREVER one.

As this is majorly a self funded cause that we both started at a very young age, when our pockets were empty but eyes full of hope and hearts filled with compassion, we could always do animal welfare only in a limited capacity. The situation hasn’t changed a lot since then, we still only have a small piece of land (which is not ours) more rescued dogs than we can afford, high number of street animals we care for every single day and too many responsibilities to fulfill before we can take on any new challenges, but still try and help everyone we can.

Well, anywho here are the stories and journeys of the ones we currently shelter and care for!! There are roughly 23 of them, we have a majority of female dogs over the males, all sterilised and yearly vaccinated.


Individual stories coming soon!! 

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